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How to systematically develop sporting excellence

Now write something that explains this to parents in laymans terms so the dont press these student-athletes into a destructive atmosphere. Student-Athletes are not commodities, they are treasures that need to be invested in for the future and not wasted on the faded dreams of their elders.

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Long-Term Athlete Development describes how to systematically develop sporting excellence and increase active participation in local, regional and national sport organisations.

This resource describes the long-term athlete development (LTAD) model, an approach to an athlete-centred sport that combines skill instruction with long-term planning and an understanding of human development.

By learning about LTAD, sport administrators and coaches will gain the knowledge and tools to enhance participation and improve performance and growth of athletes.

This is an essential guide to improving the quality of sport, developing high-performance athletes and creating healthy, active citizens.

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Sons of Anarchy Bring Smiles to the Pacific

SpitFire Ink Designs looks forward to bringing its own support to the Pacific rim in the coming year.

The Official USO Blog

Is there a word or phrase that conveys “happily exhausted?” When I first meet Kim Coates, Mark Boone Junior and Dayton Callie of Sons of Anarchy on the last day of their whirlwind tour of the Pacific, that is the first thing that comes to my mind.

Over the past seven days the trio of actors had visited troops and their families stationed in Japan and Guam, and now Hawaii. This was be the second USO tour for Coates and Boone and the third for Callie. In 2010, the cast set out on their first USO tour together, along with fellow actor Theo Rossi, and delivered cheer and a touch of home to more than 2,000 troops in Kuwait and Iraq. Last year, Callie and Rossi, along with fellow “Sons of Anarchy” star Ron Perlman, spent a day visiting troops and military families at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat…

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Running In Honor

Courage comes in many forms and honoring that with focused effort is a wonderful way to thank those who defend our freedom.

Action Speaks-Voices of Operation Homefront

Why wait until next week to register for the Marine Corps Marathon when you can run for a cause with Team Operation Homefront! For the past several years, we’ve run in honor of those closest to our hearts: our heroes who show us what determination and courage really means, and to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Meet our 2013 Team Operation Homefront Honorees:

gallegosTeamOHThe Gallegos Family: Sebastian and Tracie

When Marine Corps Cpl. Sebastian Gallegos arrived in Afghanistan the fighting began almost as soon as he arrived.

His unit replaced a group of British commandos who had just headed home. There was no time to adjust. The Marines were met with constant firefights. Continuous movement. Daily war.

Sebastian, a rifle team leader, was heading back to the patrol base with his team on Oct. 16, 2010. His squad leader stepped on an IED. The blast tore into Sebastian’s body and tossed him…

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Free webinar on The Art of Running Faster

Unfortunately it takes more then 1 hour to become a world-class runner.

Human Kinetics Blog

Julian GoaterIn his free webinar, The Art of Running Faster broadcast on the 10th April, Julian Goater former world-class runner and author of bestseller The Art of Running Faster, shared his experiences and advice to enable runners of all abilities to improve their technique, training and performance.

If you missed the live broadcast, you can watch the webinar and view the presentation slides now. There are also lots of other free webinars available to watch now on the Human Kinetics website.

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